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toom Baumarkt (by REWE) uses Oriient’s AI-powered realogram generation Oriient provides updated store maps to the leading German DIY chain for their customer experience and operations.
What to Expect in the Amazon In-store Experience in 2021 Retail techs you need to know and will alter the in-store experience forever.
Oriient in the finals of Smart Buildings Challenge by Microsoft and Bosch Oriient named as a finalist in the Smart Buildings Challenge with a solution for smart flow analytics based on IndoorGPS.
What if you could get 40% of your shoppers to buy an extra item? How to reclaim lost revenue from unfound products using an easy indoor navigation system.
Drive Higher Conversions and Shopper Engagement with In-Store Proximity Marketing Proximity marketing solutions are limited by GPS capabilities. In-store proximity marketing targets shoppers better.
Accelerating Store Traffic: Now a Common Interest for Shoppers and Retailers As a result of COVID-19, accelerating store traffic has become a priority that benefits shoppers and retailers.
Oriient Indoor GPS in Sonae / Continente Stores Oriient works with Sonae MC to deliver in-store navigation to shoppers via the Continente Labs-Find app.
The One Thing Scan & Go Apps are Missing to Make Them Profitable to Retailers Scan and go tech is on the rise - but there's one element missing to make it truly profitable to retailers.
Indoor GPS Supports Changes in Stores Due to COVID-19 Indoor GPS helps retailers increase safety and avoid revenue loss in the "new normal".
Marketing to the 5 Types of Shoppers Using Just One Solution Marketing to all 5 types of shopper is easy with one simple solution- Indoor GPS.
The Secret to Cutting Down Grocery Picking Costs As a relatively new solution for bridging the online to offline gap, grocery pickers are a great idea, but there are still a few kinks to work out.
Deep Dive into the Israeli Retail Tech Ecosystem 2019 trends and the most innovative solutions coming from Israel.
What We’re All Missing: Unfound Products = Lost Revenue Research shows that shoppers aren't finding products in-store, and it's causing them to abandon purchases.

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