Our Technology

Solving the limitations of GPS indoors is an issue that engineers have been grappling over for years now. Companies and investors have funneled money into indoor location technology, and significant developments have evolved in the past few years.

However, most of these indoor positioning technologies rely heavily on hardware installation (like BLE beacons),
or on inherently inaccurate existing infrastructure (like Wi-Fi), presenting problems of cost, accuracy and scalability.

Oriient’s revolutionary software-only solution relies solely on geomagnetism, eliminating the need for hardware, allowing for unparalleled scalability and providing both high accuracy and cost-effectiveness.

How does Oriient’s IndoorGPS work?

Earth’s magnetic field exists all around us, and geomagnetism is the science of the properties of this magnetic field. Indoors, every building introduces unique distortion of earth’s magnetic field – with its own magnetic features.

Oriient leverages the sensors that already exist inside smartphones to identify and record these particular indoor magnetic landscapes – allowing us to create a map of a location by simply walking around with a smartphone in-hand, and then pinpoint locations of other smartphones within the same building based solely on the devices’ readings.

State-of-the-art algorithms have been developed by Oriient to allow software-only indoor positioning. The proprietary technology, matching magnetic readings to the database of buildings, makes it possible to accurately locate any smartphone that moves inside any building, anywhere in the world.

*At Oriient we respect and value user privacy. Oriient is fully compliant with all data privacy regulations – including GDPR. All data is anonymized and protected by strong encryption and strict security standards

It’s just that simple.


All it takes to enable geomagnetic Indoor GPS in any building, such as a store, shopping mall, hotel, airport, campus or hospital, is for an Oriient mapper to walk through the space with a standard smartphone in hand, collecting data. From that point, the visitors, customers, tenants or staff can find their whereabouts via a mobile app integrated with Oriient’s SDK. Simultaneously, property owners gain visibility into the use and management of their facilities.
An Oriient mapper records a building’s magnetic landscape by walking around the space with a regular smartphone in hand
A magnetic map of the facility is created and uploaded to Oriient’s cloud
Oriient's indoor GPS system is integrated into an iOS/Android mobile app (via a light-weight SDK with demo apps and example code, or using Oriient’s white-label app)
Breakthrough algorithms process a user’s smartphone sensor data together with the magnetic map to determine the precise position of the user
Users can begin enjoying the service and building-owners can immediately gain visibility into the use and management of their facilities
The content, including interest-point locations and notifications, can be modified using an intuitive dashboard. External systems can leverage the data using an API

Time to Oriient your space.