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Streamline Operations and Improve Service with Indoor GPS Indoor location allows building owners and operators of commercial buildings to improve their services and security, from retail to campuses and more.
Bringing Digital Shopping into Physical Stores Retailers can create the ideal in-store experience with indoor positioning with easy search, navigation and delivery of location-based real-time promotions. Meanwhile retailers gain critical visibility into customers’ shopping journeys and traffic flow.
The New Power Couple: AR + Indoor Positioning An indoor positioning system (IPS) that doesn’t require hardware is the best underlying technology to enable all location-based features for indoor AR.
Location Permissions, User Privacy, and Personal Data Protection FAQ As part of our commitment to transparency and superb customer service, we address the most common data privacy concerns from our users.
Google Cloud partners with Oriient to power in-store navigation and customer journey analytics for retail Oriient's new partnership with Google Cloud makes it even easier to deliver indoor location services to retail customers.
TechTime covers Oriient's partnership with Google Oriient's indoor location platform sees increased traction in the retail after making it commercially available the industry.
New! Oriient supports limited connectivity and reduces battery consumption To meet the demand for Oriient's service in locations with many concurrent users and long durations, Oriient is using Edge Computing.
A fireside chat with Gali Dekel, Senior Algorithm & DL Researcher @ Oriient Get insight into onboarding, life in (and out) of the office, and the amazing people behind our groundbreaking technology.
Oriient featured in Deloitte’s report: Shaping the Future of Real Estate Deloitte spotlights Oriient as a top startup pushing the global trends shaping the future of ConTech and PropTech spaces.
Why leveraging in-store traffic analytics is the hottest retail trend Collecting data on the customer journey, personalizing the shopping experience, and offering promotions is no longer just for eCommerce.
Google-Trax-Oriient Webinar: In-store tech solutions - New must-know trends for 2022 In-store retail technologies changing the way consumers discover, shop, and connect with stores and brands.
How Oriient is helping the biggest players in grocery delivery offer faster AND better service In the grocery delivery space, the need for speed is big–if customers have to wait too long for deliveries, they’ll soon turn elsewhere.
Oriient announced as one of TechRound’s Top Retail Tech Startups of 2021 Oriient was recognized by TechRound as a top retail tech startup helping businesses adapt and thrive during the turbulent year.
User-testing conducted by a German retailer proves shoppers LOVE Oriient’s in-store navigation A new study finds that 93% of participants agree Oriient's in-store navigation improves the shopping experience.
Mobile scanners in Retail Now Know Their Location, Boosting Store Experience and Operations When mobile retail devices are equipped with indoor GPS, retailers improve shopper experience and operations.
Oriient Featured on RIC's "Under the Hood" In episode 16 of RIC's "Under the Hood" with host Benny Chong, Oriient discusses why hardwarde free indoor gps is necessary in retail.
Oriient is one of the TOP 40 global tech startups accelerating retail innovation Oriient is included in the Retail Week Discovery report about the world’s top start-ups - showing how retailers can benefit from innovation.
Oriient now supports indoor positioning for people using carts New Feature! Cart Support overcomes the problems of interference caused by the user walking around with a cart.
Indoor GPS Proves High ROI for Retailers How Oriient provides retailers with quick and easy returns by helping to cut costs and increase revenues.
toom Baumarkt (by REWE) uses Oriient’s AI-powered realogram generation Oriient provides updated store maps to the leading German DIY chain for their customer experience and operations.
Shoppers’ Biggest Problem and How to Solve It A recent survey reveals the biggest problem that shoppers have when shopping in grocery stores.
Overcoming the scale challenge: How to enable Indoor GPS in 300 locations in 1 month A scalable solution to indoor positioning that is easy to implement, requires no technical training and no hardware installation.
What to Expect in the Amazon In-store Experience in 2021 Retail techs you need to know and will alter the in-store experience forever.
Product Location AI - Finally making realograms REAL PLAI is the way for retailers to automatically maintain up-to-date realograms and make store maps useful.
Oriient in the finals of Smart Buildings Challenge by Microsoft and Bosch Oriient named as a finalist in the Smart Buildings Challenge with a solution for smart flow analytics based on IndoorGPS.
What if you could get 40% of your shoppers to buy an extra item? How to reclaim lost revenue from unfound products using an easy indoor navigation system.
Drive Higher Conversions and Shopper Engagement with In-Store Proximity Marketing Proximity marketing solutions are limited by GPS capabilities. In-store proximity marketing targets shoppers better.
Accelerating Store Traffic: Now a Common Interest for Shoppers and Retailers As a result of COVID-19, accelerating store traffic has become a priority that benefits shoppers and retailers.
Ensuring a Healthy and Comfortable Working Environment Indoor GPS helps EHS teams ensure a healthy work space as buildings reopen and prepare for "the new normal".
Contact Tracing Inside Buildings via Smartphones As the world faces the COVID-19 pandemic, contact tracing has become vital to prevent the spread of infection.
Comparing Indoor Positioning Technologies: Which one is Right for You? A comparison of available indoor positioning technologies to help you understand which suits your needs.
Oriient Indoor GPS in Sonae / Continente Stores Oriient works with Sonae MC to deliver in-store navigation to shoppers via the Continente Labs-Find app.
The One Thing Scan & Go Apps are Missing to Make Them Profitable to Retailers Scan and go tech is on the rise - but there's one element missing to make it truly profitable to retailers.
Indoor GPS Supports Changes in Stores Due to COVID-19 Indoor GPS helps retailers increase safety and avoid revenue loss in the "new normal".
Marketing to the 5 Types of Shoppers Using Just One Solution Marketing to all 5 types of shopper is easy with one simple solution- Indoor GPS.
CBRE: Time is Money - Efficient Facility Management Using IndoorGPS IndoorGPS enables more efficient facility management: from cleaning staff to security.
The Secret to Cutting Down Grocery Picking Costs As a relatively new solution for bridging the online to offline gap, grocery pickers are a great idea, but there are still a few kinks to work out.
Deep Dive into the Israeli Retail Tech Ecosystem 2019 trends and the most innovative solutions coming from Israel.
A Turning Point for Indoor GPS - What Happened in 2019 2019 was a big year for Indoor GPS- here are the highlights.
8 Unexpected Ways to Use Indoor GPS When people think Indoor GPS, wayfinding and navigation automatically come to mind.
Indoor Navigation with Real-Time Position is Now Accessible to All Indoor navigation is all about directions, but when combined with an indoor positioning system (IPS), the possibilities go way beyond wayfinding.
If You Provide Indoor GPS, Will People Use It? In short, yes. But is it really necessary? Most buildings aren’t that complex, right?
What We’re All Missing: Unfound Products = Lost Revenue Research shows that shoppers aren't finding products in-store, and it's causing them to abandon purchases.
TheMarker: Lost in the Mall? Israeli Startups Have an App for You As published by The Marker on December 26, 2019
Calcalist: Oriient Raised $4 Million for Indoor Positioning System Development Calcalist features Oriient's $4 Million seed round investment for their Indoor GPS app.

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