From home to shelf – Google & Oriient introduce the ultimate navigation experience

GoogleMaps & Oriient


Imagine a world where the navigation journey to pick up groceries doesn’t end in the store parking lot but continues into the store…

To illustrate this new reality – meet Marco!

Marco just relocated to a new city for his new job and wants to have his colleagues over to try his ‘world-famous’ lasagna. He grabs his phone and searches for the ingredients he needs to prepare his dish. Then, he looks for the nearest retailer store and is provided with a direct navigation route. Once he arrives at the store, the navigation journey does NOT end at the parking lot – but instead, the app continues to provide Marco with in-store direct navigation so that he can easily find all the products he needs. 

Providing an end-to-end, unique shopper journey that starts at home and finishes at the shelf ensures that shoppers can find their preferred items, and creates a level of personalization that lets retailers distinguish themselves from their competitors. 

This is why Google Maps and Oriient partnered, to deliver a superior shopping experience that drives more value for shoppers and retailers. Now, retailers’ mobile apps can embed the advanced service that combines the outdoor route provided by Google Maps Platform and Oriient’s indoor location services, which provides the accurate real-time location of a user inside the store.

Learn how to integrate the joint solution into your app here.

Home to shelf in-store navigation using Oriient and Google Maps

Moving the needle with home-to-shelf

In physical stores, consumers struggle to find their products. Up to 40% of shoppers fail to find at least one product they intended to buy in every shopping trip. As a result, retailers are losing revenue and shopper loyalty is plummeting. With in-store navigation, retailers recover these lost revenues, making sure shoppers get everything they came for while also increasing basket size.

The new offering also allows for an improved and more seamless shopping experience that can help retailers increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, and build brand loyalty, which contributes to the overall growth of new physical store members and retention of existing shoppers. 

An illustration of home-to-shelf powered by Oriient and Google Maps

A quick look at home-to-shelf

Oriient is already used by the top retailers and grocery delivery companies for in-store navigation and product location needs. With IndoorGPS retailers increase basket size, boost proximity promotion conversion rates, and improve app traction. 

Oriient increases basket size, boosts proximity conversion rates, and improves app usage

Learn how to implement the joint Oriient Indoor Location Services and Google Maps Platform here to reduce the number of unfound items and improve the shopping experience in your stores.


Time to Oriient your space.