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The New Power Couple: AR + Indoor Positioning An indoor positioning system (IPS) that doesn’t require hardware is the best underlying technology to enable all location-based features for indoor AR.
New! Oriient supports limited connectivity and reduces battery consumption To meet the demand for Oriient's service in locations with many concurrent users and long durations, Oriient is using Edge Computing.
Google-Trax-Oriient Webinar: In-store tech solutions - New must-know trends for 2022 In-store retail technologies changing the way consumers discover, shop, and connect with stores and brands.
Oriient Featured on RIC's "Under the Hood" In episode 16 of RIC's "Under the Hood" with host Benny Chong, Oriient discusses why hardwarde free indoor gps is necessary in retail.
Oriient is one of the TOP 40 global tech startups accelerating retail innovation Oriient is included in the Retail Week Discovery report about the world’s top start-ups - showing how retailers can benefit from innovation.
Indoor GPS Proves High ROI for Retailers How Oriient provides retailers with quick and easy returns by helping to cut costs and increase revenues.
Shoppers’ Biggest Problem and How to Solve It A recent survey reveals the biggest problem that shoppers have when shopping in grocery stores.
Overcoming the scale challenge: How to enable Indoor GPS in 300 locations in 1 month A scalable solution to indoor positioning that is easy to implement, requires no technical training and no hardware installation.
What to Expect in the Amazon In-store Experience in 2021 Retail techs you need to know and will alter the in-store experience forever.
Product Location AI - Finally making realograms REAL PLAI is the way for retailers to automatically maintain up-to-date realograms and make store maps useful.
What if you could get 40% of your shoppers to buy an extra item? How to reclaim lost revenue from unfound products using an easy indoor navigation system.
Ensuring a Healthy and Comfortable Working Environment Indoor GPS helps EHS teams ensure a healthy work space as buildings reopen and prepare for "the new normal".
Comparing Indoor Positioning Technologies: Which one is Right for You? A comparison of available indoor positioning technologies to help you understand which suits your needs.
A Turning Point for Indoor GPS - What Happened in 2019 2019 was a big year for Indoor GPS- here are the highlights.
8 Unexpected Ways to Use Indoor GPS When people think Indoor GPS, wayfinding and navigation automatically come to mind.
Indoor Navigation with Real-Time Position is Now Accessible to All Indoor navigation is all about directions, but when combined with an indoor positioning system (IPS), the possibilities go way beyond wayfinding.
If You Provide Indoor GPS, Will People Use It? In short, yes. But is it really necessary? Most buildings aren’t that complex, right?

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