The growth of m-commerce and e-commerce has caused a shift in the role of the brick-and-mortar store. In order to increase foot traffic, commercial spaces must provide their customers with an engaging digital shopper experience. Indoor GPS bridges the online-offline gap and enables reaching the shopper at the exact place and time for the purchase decision, all while providing full visibility into their journey.


Oriient offers a reliable and accurate solution.

For Shoppers

  • Way-finding helps shoppers to find products easily and conveniently from their smartphones
  • Navigation allows shoppers to create a shopping list and receive an optimized route for their journey
  • Shoppers receive personalized promotions, coupons and recipes – right when the product is within hand’s reach
  • By sharing their locations, shoppers can find each other or call a store associate to arrive
  • Location-based gamification & AR options make shopping fun and exciting

For Retailers, CPG Brands and Malls

  • Helping customers conveniently save time on locating products shows the shopper you value their time, increases loyalty and reduces abandonment
  • Searchable stores lead to recovery of lost revenues due to unfound products.
    Increase your revenues by 3-5%
  • Digitizing the brick-and-mortar customer journey creates the ultimate in-store customer experience and increases app retention rate
  • Personalized, proximity-based promotions at shelf level create a new media by which to target, upsell, and enhance the relationship with the customer – right at the critical moment of the purchase decision.
    Improve conversion rate by up to x4
  • Analytics on shoppers’ behavior, foot traffic, efficacy of promotions and layout performance provide full visibility and actionable insights
  • New tools become available for enhancing operational efficiency, tasks and workforce allocation, picker and merchandiser route optimization, and performance measurement.
    Cut picking costs by 50%

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