Re:Tech: Revolutionizing Indoor Navigation with GeoMagnetic Technology

As published by Re:Tech in July 2023:

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In the fast-paced world of outdoor navigation, GPS has become an essential tool. However, when it comes to indoor spaces like retail stores and warehouses, finding accurate location services has been a long-standing challenge. Enter Oriient, an Israeli startup founded in 2017, with a visionary solution that harnesses Earth’s magnetic field using cutting-edge GeoMagnetic technology.

The heart of Oriient’s innovation lies in its GeoMagnetic technology, which relies solely on its proprietary software and smartphone sensors, specifically the magnetometer. This approach records unique magnetic field distortions within each indoor setting, offering an impressive accuracy of 1 meter (3 feet). Unlike traditional solutions that rely on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, Oriient’s software-only approach overcomes accuracy issues and hardware limitations. It can function even with limited internet connectivity, supports both iOS and Android devices, and accommodates various phone holding modes to operate without interruption.

Oriient’s technology has been a game-changer, rapidly scaling in over 1,500 stores, including major retailers like Albertsons Companies and Carrefour, as well as leading grocery delivery companies in the U.S. The impact has been substantial, with success metrics showcasing increased basket sizes, improved conversion rates for proximity promotions, and optimized store operations, leading to significant time savings for shoppers.

Recently, Oriient joined forces with Google Maps Platform, further solidifying its commitment to revolutionizing the indoor experience. Looking ahead, Oriient envisions activating IndoorGPS for commercial buildings worldwide, aiming to optimize operations and enhance service in various facilities.

With its pioneering GeoMagnetic technology and an impressive roster of clients, Oriient has emerged as a leader in the indoor navigation industry. By unlocking the potential of indoor spaces and enhancing customer experiences, Oriient is set to shape the future of indoor navigation and optimization on a global scale.


Time to Oriient your space.