Location-based services have become such an integral part of our everyday lives. The inconvenience, time waste and frustration of using maps and asking for directions has become a distant memory. But we still face that struggle every time we go indoors, where GPS is not available.

Businesses too, have been blind to what is happening inside their facilities, and deprived of applying the same methods used with GPS to their indoors marketing, operations management and data-driven decision making.

In 2016, Oriient’s founders reached the remarkable breakthrough that enabled accurate IndoorGPS using only the wonder of earth’s magnetic field.

Eliminating the need to deploy any hardware generated the belief in a world where indoor positioning occurs just as naturally as in the outdoors. Today, it’s not only Oriient’s investors, employees and partners that believe in this vision, but also all the users – whose reality have become an improved indoors experience and better use of their space.

Our Partners


We at Oriient are a group of creative, brilliant individuals – who also happen to be engineers, developers, strategists, business leaders – and general chameleons. VC-backed and well-rooted, Oriient is poised for steady growth and success to continue improving our incredible technology and bringing it to market. The company’s optimal size, paired with fast-paced growth, offers employees both serious career trajectory options and a familial, close-knit environment.

We are looking for well-rounded and extremely gifted individuals, who carry the same passion and belief in delivering the simplest solution for hassle-free IndoorGPS to any building, anywhere in the world that we at Oriient do.

The Best

Bottom line - we’re a super busy, fast-moving start up with ambitious goals. Regardless of the position, we only take the highest achievers, smartest thinkers, the best of the best – period.

Open Minds

At Oriient, we are building something new and ground-breaking. We are challenged daily with creating and exploring new possibilities that extend beyond our mental comfort-zone- and we look for people who are capable of full-on intellectual creativity and flexibility.


Not only do we bond over a love of food here at Oriient (except that one person who hates cheese…), what characterizes our team is a hunger to learn, participate and be challenged. We’re preserving and recruiting only those that are truly fueled by this spirit.


Things move fast here at Oriient, so we work hard, but also understand and fully participate in the recharging benefits of having fun! Keeping things fresh and truly appreciating each other’s company. As a tight-knit team, it’s important that team members are equally as weird as the rest of us, and enjoy having a laugh, drinking a beer, and taking a breath as a family.

Open Positions

All positions are currently filled by great people, please check back soon for new openings!

Time to Oriient your space.