Ready For All Scenarios: 7 Ways Oriient Outperforms The Competition

Oriient IndoorGPS offers superior robustness, to provide accurate location and uninterrupted performance in all scenarios, so shoppers can walk and shop naturally.


Retailers realize the value of in-store location services. Knowing WHERE the shopper paves a path to knowing WHAT they are doing. In-store location allows for navigation to products,  proximity-based promotions, and traffic insights.

At the same time, the shopping experience must match the status quo set by e-Commerce shopping mediums. As such, when retailers prepare to implement Indoor Positioning Systems within their mobile apps, it is only relevant if the technologies used can keep up with the shopper during real-life shopping scenarios, and provide uninterrupted performance. Legacy solutions using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth have failed to deliver, and, in addition to being inaccurate and expensive, they are also not robust enough to rely upon. 


 Watch this video to see the robustness and adaptiveness of Oriient IndoorGPS:


Designed with the shopper in mind

Oriient’s IndoorGPS was designed with the end-user in mind, handling all shopping scenarios without limitation. The advanced algorithms adapt to how people shop so that the retailer’s app-users can go about their shopping completely naturally, getting their in-store location seamlessly without changing their behavior.

Of course, in-store location adds to the experience, ensuring that customers find all of their products and receive contextualized offerings that cater directly to them.

Oriient’s brilliant R&D department has spent years developing a breakthrough indoor location solution that is not only cost-effective (since it doesn’t require any hardware installation), but also keeps a high accuracy of 1m/3ft throughout the entire journey.


Here are seven key features that set Oriient’s seamless navigation experience apart from the competition:

  1. Hyper accurate – provides the user location within an accuracy of 1 meter / 3 feet
  2. Supports all holding patterns – functions seamlessly in all real-life holding scenarios. On the shelf, by your side, or even in your pocket
  3. Real-time location with zero latency – updates the position frequently and smoothly without any delays
  4. Background operation – continues running in the background so that shoppers can text/call or put the phone in their pocket and still receive location service and proximity promotions notifications
  5. Limited connectivity reliability – works offline and does not rely on a cellular signal, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth connection, using only Earth’s magnetic field to provide uninterrupted performance
  6. Battery efficiency – optimizes battery consumption to preserve the user experience
  7. Works with both iOS and Android – runs on all phones to support the widest possible user base


Oriient IndoorGPS is a solution that can be implemented with ease and is quick to gain shoppers’ trust by accommodating real-life shoppers in real-life scenarios. Contact us to demo Oriient in your store today.


Time to Oriient your space.