Bringing Digital Shopping into Physical Stores

With 24-hour access to the internet and powerful smartphones in consumers’ pockets, the world of online shopping seemingly has taken over. However, after the challenges of the past few years, consumers are returning to brick and mortar stores. 92% of shoppers reported missing the in-person experience during Covid, according to the Square 2022 Future of Retail report.

The digital world, though, still has significant advantages. Online shopping delivers a convenient experience, with easy product search and personalized recommendations. At the same time, Ecommerce retailers get full visibility into customers’ activities on each page, even if a purchase has not been made, and know exactly where in the sales funnel the customer leaves. This comprehensive data allows them to continuously improve customer loyalty, basket sizes and bottom line.


Source: Oriient

Meanwhile, the physical world is left “untouched” with its disadvantages.
Offline retailers’ visibility starts and stops at checkout. They don’t know which products the customer wanted to buy but didn’t because they couldn’t find them. When they find abandoned carts in the aisles, they have no idea how they got there – did the customer have an emergency, or did they simply give up because they found only a few of the items they were looking for?

When it comes to ads – customers all receive the same promotional flyers/signs as they browse the store, whether it’s relevant to them or not. You don’t want to hand a meat ad to a vegetarian.


Digital v. Physical

Here are great insights from Google linking the digital and physical world: Searches for “open now near me” have grown globally by over 400% YOY, and in 2021, 53% of holiday shoppers in the U.S. said they check online to make sure a product is in stock before going to the store to buy it. Another source reports 82% of offline shoppers consult their smartphones before making an in-store purchase.

It’s time to take control away from the online world and bring the digital world to brick-and-mortar stores. The key is knowing what the user is doing. In physical stores it means LOCATION – knowing where the shopper is throughout the journey.

Retailers can create the ideal in-store experience with indoor positioning:

  • Provide easy search and navigation to products to ensure that your customers can find everything on their lists
  • Enable delivery of real-time promotions based on the customers’ exact location in the store
  • Give complete visibility, allowing retailers to better understand customers’ shopping journeys and traffic flow

Oriient in-store location services can be easily integrated into retailers’ apps, helping their customers quickly find the products relevant to them, increasing individual baskets.

Furthermore, by knowing exactly where shoppers are in real-time, retailers can deliver location-based personalized promotions around a category and when the product is within hand’s reach. Oriient in-store location gives insights available nowhere else.

Comprehensive visibility into the shoppers’ locations allows retailers to maximize the customer journey and layout performance.


Source: Oriient

Digital Ahead? 

It’s impossible to deny the improvements online shops have made. With the integration of chat bots, countless marketing automations, and almost continuous retargeting, online shoppers are surrounded more than ever by personalized ads and content.

The ultimate goal? Recreate the personalization found in online shopping experiences into brick and mortar. It’s time to transform the customer journey from challenge to profit with Oriient indoor positioning.


Time to Oriient your space.