Shoppers’ Biggest Problem and How to Solve It

The results are in!

A recent survey reveals the biggest problem in grocery stores. This survey was conducted in Portugal in January 2021, at Continente Matosinhos by Sonae MC.

These new insights corroborated the results of Oriient’s previous survey, highlighting again the need to improve the in-store experience


63% of shoppers left the store without everything they came for

This is an even more startling result than Oriient had in UK supermarkets in 2019, suggesting that the problem is bigger than we originally thought. Shoppers are unable to find everything on their list. The items are there on the shelves – the problem is locating them.



Almost half of shoppers took over an hour to complete their shopping journey.

For most people, supermarket shopping is an essential task that they want to get over with as quickly as possible. Adding COVID-19 into the mix, retailers want to accelerate traffic through the store and customers want to spend as little time as possible exposed to other people. 

Interestingly, the problem remains even when customers are familiar with a store and its layout.


65% of people said that if there was a mobile app to help navigate through the store, they would use it regularly.

This means that people are comfortable enough with technology to use an app that would help them navigate around a store, finding what they need efficiently. 



Biggest Problem? One Easy Solution!

The UK and Portugal. Different people, different culture, same shopping problems.

Now that we have identified the cause for the problematic experience, it is time to implement a solution. One that will help shoppers to find everything they need and navigate through a store quickly and easily. To get in and out – with a smile, and carrying everything they came for (and then some…).

There is an easy solution – Oriient’s IndoorGPS – an indoor positioning system that shoppers can use, on their smartphone, to navigate quickly and easily around your store, making their shopping journey as efficient as possible.

Retailers – it’s time to Oriient your stores. Simply add our service to your app to start activating navigation – no hardware required!


Time to Oriient your space.