Oriient is Now Available on Google Cloud Marketplace

Tel Aviv – 5 December 2022 – Oriient, the provider of software-only IndoorGPS, leveraging Earth’s magnetic field, has brought its solution to Google Cloud Marketplace.

Through this offering, customers with an existing Google Cloud Marketplace commitment benefit from seamless procurement and consolidated billing through a single channel. This availability will help retailers improve the in-store shopping experience with more digital touch points and customer journey analytics to improve operations and the bottom line. 

Oriient harnesses existing sensors in every smartphone to deliver hyper-accurate in-store location – within 3 feet/1 meter. The solution is via simple SDK integration into any mobile app, making it very easy to activate and scale, with no hardware installation required. 

By using Oriient, retailers can take advantage of: 

  • Indoor navigation: Built-in search and wayfinding help shoppers easily find products in the store and follow a route, improving the experience and decreasing lost revenues due to unfound items. 
  • Proximity messaging: Retailers can deliver personalized, contextual messages based on a visitor’s location, such as perfectly timed promotions for a product that’s right in front of them or only when they linger in a certain category to increase promotions conversion and basket size. 
  • Location-based insights: Extract critical insights on shoppers’ journeys and their  spatial utilization to improve the design and layout of the retail space. 

“This partnership brings the best of both organizations, which includes easier procurement of Oriient Indoor Location services for Google Cloud customers,” says Mickey Balter, Oriient CEO and co-founder. “By combining Oriient’s ground-breaking accurate indoor location technology and Google Cloud’s powerful platform, we are improving in-person shopping – delivering the benefits of the online world to the offline experience. This leaves customers with a better and more convenient shopping journey and provides marketers and retailers unique insights that were previously impossible.”

“Retailers are increasingly seeking out cloud technologies that help provide enhanced in-store shopping experiences,” said Dai Vu, Managing Director, Marketplace & ISV GTM Programs, Google Cloud. “By bringing its platform to Google Cloud Marketplace, Oriient is making it easy for retailers to gain deeper insights about their in-store experiences and ecommerce efforts so they can continue to improve experiences for customers at scale.

Oriient addresses common retailer pain points such as loss of revenue, cart abandonment, diminished loyalty, underutilized real estate, and more. By partnering with Google Cloud, retailers have easy access to Oriient indoor navigation services, allowing them to quickly improve their customers’ shopping experiences. 

Oriient will be exhibiting at NRF January 15-17, 2023, at New York City’s Javits Center at Google’s booth #5607.


Time to Oriient your space.