Oriient is the pioneer of accurate software-only indoor location services,
bringing the visibility and data-driven insights of ecommerce to brick-and-mortar stores, at scale.
In-store navigation is finally:
  • Easy to activate and scale
    Embedded via an SDK
    into a retailer’s own app

  • Cost-Effective
    Convenient SaaS model,
    no capital expenditure

  • Highly Accurate
    Unparalleled accuracy
    to within 3 feet / 1 meter

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    In-Store Navigation

    Shoppers and grocery pickers easily find products and take the optimal route to fulfill shopping lists, reducing wasted time and item-not-found rates.


    Proximity Marketing



    Increase conversion by delivering personalized and contextual offerings, timed to maximize relevance, e.g. when a product is within arm’s reach.

    Location-Based Insights

    Data on customer traffic flow and the path to purchase enables optimized operational decisions, promotion placement, and keeping product locations updated.

    Oriient Experience

    We’re excited to have Oriient's location services available on Google Cloud Marketplace so organizations have access to the technologies they need to evolve the in-store shopping experience at scale.
    Carrie Tharp, VP of Retail at Google Cloud
    The functionality will support shoppers in every step [of their picking process] ... as we further our goal of offering the best possible shopper experience.
    VP Product at a leading US grocery delivery service
    We are extremely excited about Oriient and believe the service can help us hugely in achieving one of our key strategic aims of delivering a hassle-free experience for our customers, as efficiently as possible.
    CTO of a leading retailer (+$10bn worth) 

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