Overcoming the scale challenge: How to enable Indoor GPS in 300 locations in 1 month

The Scale Challenge

Congratulations! You have a new logo, so you need to change the sign on the front of the building. Order a new sign, fix a date for the installation, have a crazy day of ladders and drilling and hooking up the electricity, and it’s done.

Except if you have 50, 100 or 1000 locations, spread across states. Suddenly, replacing a sign becomes much more complicated.

If a sign can become a huge expense and an operational nightmare, changing an IT system is even more complicated. Not to mention a system that uses new technology with many unknowns.


When we say the word scalability, we are talking about the capacity for growth, the ability to handle an increased amount of work and resources. The capacity to replicate what’s working in 1 location to 1000 locations.

When you hear scalability, you probably think of a complex process that requires endless hard work, problem-solving, and exorbitant costs.


What if we told you that Oriient has a scalable solution to indoor positioning that is easy to implement, requires no technical training and no special hardware installation? A system that is simple, quick and cost effective. Sounds like a unicorn, we know.

Oriient’s Indoor GPS comes with many advantages over other solutions (full comparison with other Indoor Positioning technologies can be found here), but how does it specifically scale so quickly and easily?


A traditional indoor positioning system relies on hardware such as beacons or transceivers. These need to be researched and then purchased. The costs of this can be expensive even for one site. If we are talking about many, the costs may even be prohibitive, especially in industries with razor-thin margins.

Oriient’s solution is offered in a SaaS model, using technology that already exists in smartphones, so no hardware purchase is required.

Scalability Advantage: No purchase or delivery time means that you can decide to scale up – and do it straight away!


Indoor positioning systems that rely on hardware need installation. This can be a complicated procedure that takes many days and interrupts the regular running of each site. It may require wiring, drilling, mess, and disruption. In order to scale up, hardware must be installed one building at a time. Then, professional technicians need to program and activate the system. This can take a long time and relies heavily on outside resources.

Since Oriient is a software-only solution and there is no need to install any equipment, there is no disruption and no mess. This soft deployment can be done by anyone after some quick remote guidance. All they need is a smartphone to collect the magnetic data around the store in a fast and simple process – walking around the space. That’s it. No prior technical experience necessary.

Scalability Advantage: Oriient’s soft deployment can be activated in a new location over the course of just a few hours, with no interruption to the usual operations. This means that Oriient’s indoor GPS can be deployed in multiple locations AT THE SAME TIME.


Hardware systems need to be regularly maintained so that they are in optimal working order. Parts may need to be replaced or updated. Inspections and maintenance costs can sometimes be much higher than expected. Maintaining an indoor positioning system that relies on beacons is almost unmanageable in multiple locations due to the labor intensity. 

Oriient is self-maintaining. The maps are updated automatically with no manual maintenance necessary. Any small change in your layout will be updated as workers and visitors use the app in the building. A massive renovation may mean you need to remap that site – but walking around with a smartphone will create a map of the new layout in no time at all. Read more about how Oriient’s self-healing technology uses crowdsourced user readings to update map data here

Scalability Advantage: No maintenance costs mean you have more money to invest in growth. No maintenance time means you have more time to spend optimizing your operations. The total cost of ownership of Oriient’s indoor GPS system is lower than any other system because there are no hidden recurring or surprise repair costs.


Once you have selected to use Oriient’s indoor GPS system, you can activate it immediately. There are no further tasks or expenses. Oriient is instantly usable by you and your users. 


Ready for Retailers and Building Operators

Once you have mapped your site using Oriient, you can optimize your operations. Make the maps work for you by utilizing our strategies for proximity marketing, claiming lost revenue and engaging users to accelerate traffic through your building. Oriient will collect valuable data and insights on indoor traffic and user behavior that you can leverage for actionable insights. 

Ready for Shoppers, Employees and Visitors

Your users will have an improved experience as they can easily navigate through the building, find where to go or the items they need,  all while being more efficient. Satisfying your users increases their loyalty and motivation.


A scalable solution that can be deployed quickly and easily in multiple locations for minimal costs?
Oriient’s indoor GPS – using Earth’s magnetic field to bring the GPS revolution indoors.
Time to Oriient your space!


Time to Oriient your space.