User-testing conducted by a German retailer proves shoppers LOVE Oriient’s in-store navigation

Retailers know that helping in-store shoppers easily find the products they are looking for helps increase basket size, but often wonder if people would actually use these kinds of app-features.

To investigate, a leading German retailer decided to put Oriient’s solution to the test. They conducted comprehensive research examining many different types of grocery shoppers and use cases. The major consensus? Oriient significantly improved the shopping experience for the majority of shoppers, with 93% saying they would like to continue using Oriient outside of the study.

The Challenge…and how Oriient can help

Hypermarkets—a type of “big box” store—present many challenges for shoppers in terms of wayfinding and locating specific products. Oriient helps to solve these problems in a few key ways:

  • Navigation guides shoppers around the store, reducing the stress of feeling lost. Shoppers are less likely to abandon products if they can find them easily.
  • Route optimization helps shoppers get everything they need efficiently, making them feel that their time is valuable.
  • Proximity-promotions aid shoppers in decision-making, and increase basket sizes.

All of these features lead to overall satisfaction with the in-person shopping experience. But just how satisfied are Oriient users? And what parts of the shopping experience are most improved with the technology? These were the questions they set out to answer in their study.

The Results

The research took place over the course of two months, and involved focus groups with various types of shoppers. Following the study, in which 92% of shoppers said Oriient significantly improved the in-store experience, the retailer decided to move forward and implement the solution in their store.

Key findings:

  1. Shoppers will go out of their way for a solution like Oriient’s 

    Over 93% of shoppers said they would use Oriient outside of the study, and 9 respondents even said they would go out of their way to shop at a store that had in-store navigation like Oriient’s! This should be a big takeaway for retail brands; not only does Oriient improve the experience in your store and increases customer loyalty, it also attracts shoppers who otherwise might shop somewhere else.

  2. There was a vast improvement to the shopping experience, even with a technical learning curve 

    One of the most surprising findings uncovered by the study was that even though they had never used the technology before and had to learn how to operate it, the majority (77%) of shoppers in the study reported their overall shopping experience with Oriient as either “Very Good” or “Good”. This shows that when presented with a real solution, shoppers are motivated to use it.

  3. Shoppers appreciated increased awareness of promotions, time saved, and other additional benefits 

    While Oriient’s ability to help shoppers navigate the store was by far the favorite feature, shoppers were also impressed with precise-location notifications about offers. With proximity-promotions shoppers are notified about special offers on items that are nearby, leading to higher conversion rates. Another popular benefit for shoppers was: “Time saving and efficiency”, which is enabled through things like route optimization and smart shopping lists. All of this makes sense–like most people, hypermarket shoppers value their time and money.

What does this mean for other retailers?

As our research shows, Oriient can lead to higher satisfaction with the in-person shopping experience. For retailers, Oriient has the potential to unlock untapped revenue through promotion awareness and a decrease in user abandonment.

With more choices than ever before of where to shop, reducing friction points in the shopper journey has become an important lever in overall customer experience. Oriient’s ability to ease navigation and highlight relevant offers will be a key differentiating factor in acquiring and retaining shoppers.

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