Mobile scanners in Retail Now Know Their Location, Boosting Store Experience and Operations

Mobile handheld devices are everywhere in Retail; these portable smartphone-like computers, equipped with a barcode scanner are used by shoppers, pickers and warehouse staff. These handy devices (pun intended) help to make shopping, picking and merchandising easier and more efficient. 

Companies such as Oriient partner Zebra, and Bluebird carry a wide range of models to satisfy a wide range of purposes. The scanners do a lot to improve store operations and customer experience, but they are capable of so much more with one simple addition.

The power of mobile devices is truly unlocked only when they become location aware: providing the user and the retailer with their precise in-store location. Indoor navigation and the data that comes with it allows these units to multitask, enabling retailers to easily collect product locations in the background, utilize data on foot traffic for full visibility into store layout, and make unfound products a pain point of the past for shoppers.  

Oriient offers an accurate indoor positioning solution that can be easily integrated into the devices and their apps, without any hardware installation in the store.




Shopper Experience

Portable devices powered with IndoorGPS allow shoppers to experience the same same benefits as on their phones: shopping list navigation, convenient location-based promotions and easy check out – ultimately elevating the shopper experience.

Optimizing Picking and Warehouse Operations

Retailers are constantly looking for ways to make grocery picking more efficient – but handheld devices alone aren’t enough. Even with the help of mobile scanners, grocery pickers struggle to find items. When using a device that features optimized routes directly to product locations, grocery pickers can cut their picking time by 40%.

Tracing Devices

Costly devices like these are easily misplaced and often go missing. When they’re equipped with Indoor GPS, you can easily keep track of each device, and view all devices and their locations within your store. 

Product Location AI

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of having Oriient’s indoor position running on your mobile devices is the ability to run Product Location AI in the background – meaning that with every employee or shopper scan, the device is seamlessly building an accurate and up-to-date realogram – without any action of the user,  additional effort or manpower.


A Zebra Device with Optimized Route and Navigation by Oriient.

Zebra compatible badge

The answer is clear: Retail mobile handheld devices aren’t complete without indoor positioning. Retailers who haven’t yet integrated Oriient’s Indoor GPS solution are missing out on the money-saving potential these devices are capable of. Learn more about Oriient’s solution  here


Time to Oriient your space.