A Turning Point for IndoorGPS – What Happened in 2019

As 2019 draws to a close, we at Oriient wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on a very eventful year of growth and progress (that we’re pretty proud of). We’re sharing some of the highlights from this momentous year, thanks to everyone for your support!

* Oriient 3D Wayfinding
* Location-based Actions Platform
* Oriient Analytics Suite
* Oriient Live Monitor

Brought IndoorGPS to tens of new locations across the US and EU:
California, Texas, Ohio, New Jersey, Washington, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Indiana,
Mexico, Israel, Portugal, Ireland, England, Switzerland, Romania, France, Germany

Our customers talked, and we listened –
This year we introduced multi-floor wayfinding, location tagging,
location sharing and many more cool features.

Partnered with leading indoor maps providers MapsPeople (on Google Maps platform) and VisioGlobe.

We doubled in size this year! Oriient grew from 8 to 16 employees,
and we are recruiting 3 more positions.

Received valuable industry recognitions:
* Featured in Deloitte’s Future Retail-Tech Landscape
* Won EXPO REAL Innovation Award
* Named Innogy’s Innovation Hub Game Changer
* Earned the coveted Emerging Technology Spotlight at Grocery Shop 2019

2019 saw the world’s leading facility managers and real-estate companies use our analytics suite
for understanding space utilization and streamlining their operations.

Shoppers worldwide started enjoying the convenience of Oriient-powered shopping.
Retailers offering the service in their stores recovered lost revenues (learn more).

We are looking forward to an even more exciting and productive 2020 that will take us closer towards making IndoorGPS an everyday reality.

Time to Oriient your space.