toom Baumarkt (by REWE) uses Oriient’s AI-powered realogram generation

Each day, toom employees scan multiple items for merchandising and inventory, using handheld devices. Oriient’s Product Location AI (PLAI) leverages this to provide up-to-date 2D realograms with accurate product locations. 


PLAI uses a combination of hardware-free indoor positioning, barcode scans (from any mobile device), and AI to create an accurate, real-time product location store map. The map keeps being updated automatically every time a shopper or an employee scans a product, even when placements are moved around the store.

toom Baumarkt, a leading DIY store chain in Germany with over 300 stores, requires updated store maps in order to enhance customer experience and streamline operations:

  • Providing in-store navigation to products improves brick-and-mortar shopping journeys, increases brand loyalty, and recovers lost revenue from unfound products.
  • Accurate product location reduces employee training time, making onboarding much quicker, and cuts costs by accelerating stocking and picking rate.
  • At the same time, the data supports internal processes of optimizing the layout and confirming planogram compliance.

toom acknowledges that manually collecting and logging the location of each item and periodically updating the database is not feasible due to its scale – the number of stores, their size, and the tens of thousands of SKUs.

Instead, toom chose Oriient, the only solution that offers scalability and doesn’t require any manual labor, and runs seamlessly in the background during routine product scans. The store can keep functioning uninterrupted and employees can keep performing their regular daily tasks.


Oriient’s geomagnetic indoor positioning requires no hardware installation and is easily integrated into existing apps. The activation is easy and takes only a matter of hours to achieve shelf-level product location awareness.

This makes the creation of a visual map and ongoing maintenance effortless – and scalable.


The partnership between toom Baumarkt and Oriient IndoorGPS was initiated in 2021 by REWE Group Business Innovation, with the goal of leveraging indoor location data in all stores to assist shoppers and employees using this new, transformative technology. 



For more info please contact:

Marco González, Business Innovation Manager, toom Baumarkt GmbH,

Or Shin, Chief Business Officer, Oriient IndoorGPS, 


About toom Baumarkt: With stores at around 330 locations and 15,500 employees, toom Baumarkt (part of the Rewe Group) is one of Germany’s leading DIY store chains. toom Baumarkt doesn’t just provide all the products required for building, renovating and decorating – it provides a full range of services to go with them. Primarily, its product portfolio is tailored to the needs and skills of accomplished do-it-yourself enthusiasts and those who occasionally try their hand. Many of its stores also have modern gardening and plant departments.


About the Rewe Group: REWE Group, based in Cologne, is one of Europe’s leading trade and tourism corporations, with over 15,000 stores and 2,400 travel agencies across the continent. The REWE Group’s retail goods operations encompass REWE, BILLA, MERKUR, BIPA, PENNY, toom Baumarkt and B1. Its tourism division, DER Touristik, includes the sales lines ITS, Jahn Reisen, TRAVELIX, Dertour, Meier’s Weltreisen, Kuoni, DER Reisebüros, DERPART and DER Business Travel.


About Oriient: Oriient provides hardware-free highly accurate indoor positioning. Oriient uses earth’s magnetic field, as captured by the compass in a smartphone, to determine the device’s location to within one meter of accuracy indoors. The company’s GPS-like capability does not require any installation (no wifi nor beacons) and is offered via a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, to allow in-store navigation, proximity marketing, and location data analytics.

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