Oriient in the finals of Smart Buildings Challenge by Microsoft and Bosch

Published by Industrial Internet Consortium online in 2020:

The Smart Buildings Challenge

“The Smart Buildings Challenge, organized by the Industrial Internet Consortium, was designed to help advance the digitalization of the smart buildings industry. The winners of the Challenge were announced on February 19, 2020 at Bosch Connected World in Berlin, Germany.

The Enabling Technology Partners were Bosch, Microsoft, and Security and Safety Things.

The Smart Buildings Challenge was made up of four Use Cases:

Use Case 1 – Smart Space Flow Analytics – covering tracking, zones and anonymized tracking.

Use Case 2 – Smart Metering in Multi-Tenant Commercial Buildings – including smart metering, energy consumption, with a focus on electric energy.

Use Case 3 – Smart Automated Building – featuring smart solutions for HVAC, control technical equipment, demand-oriented control of equipment, and sustainability.

Use Case 4 – Smart Building Cockpit – including management tools, sales tools, dashboards, digital twin, and AR.

Each contestant was presented with a problem set by building operators and investors. Technology suppliers developed solution proposals and the finalists presented their proposals in January 2020. “



Use Case 1 Finalists

Cubelizer S.L Cubelizer helps shopping center operators and owners understand the use of the space to improve commercial mix design, operation, and marketing.

G2K Group G2K’s Software Platform Situational Awareness Builder is a scalable IoT platform that connects structured and unstructured data from all relevant systems.  

Limitless Insights By combining sophisticated consumer knowledge and leveraging existing under-utilized hardware, Limitless  Insights  provide a light to no-touch cloud platform.  

Umajin Umajin provides a low-cost, highly accurate, anonymous method to count people entering and exiting spaces.

Oriient A proprietary indoor positioning system that can determine location data within specific spaces, using magnetic mapping rather than GPS, with absolutely NO additional hardware.



Oriient IndoorGPS

“The Oriient solution for Smart Flow Analytics is based on the use of IndoorGPS, a proprietary indoor positioning system that can determine location data within specific spaces. The solution is provided as an SDK that can be integrated with an app and deployed via smartphones. Once the system is in place, it can provide significant benefits to both facility operators and visitors. From a facility operator standpoint, the system is extremely easy to deploy and highly scalable.

Since Oriient’s IndoorGPS uses magnetic mapping rather than GPS, it needs absolutely no additional hardware. The data that is generated can be used to provide full visibility into the customer journey through the premises, providing valuable information about flow patterns and dwell times that supplies insights to both facility operators and tenants. Since these insights are tied to the app on the visitor’s smartphone, it can also provide information on buying patterns and return visits. Oriient’s solution is anonymous and therefore fully compliant with all data privacy regulations including GDPR.”



You can download a complete summary of the Smart Buildings Challenge here.


Time to Oriient your space.