Oriient is one of the TOP 40 global tech startups accelerating retail innovation

Published by Retail-Week.com, May 2021 


Oriient is proud to be included in the Discovery report celebrating the world’s top start-ups powering retail innovation.


The second annual Discovery report, published yesterday by RWRC, celebrates 40 global start-ups powering retail innovation at a time when it is needed most, including cutting-edge solutions being used by Tesco, Nespresso, AO.com, M&S and more.

Featuring solutions from supply chain and store innovations to personalisation, AI, data and marketing, the 40 start-ups from all over the world are enabling retailers to adapt their businesses after the disruption caused by the coronavirus.  

Most retailers know they need to work with tech start-ups to remain competitive and balance bottom lines with customer expectations as disruption from the pandemic persists.


Oriient IndoorGPS

The smartphone has developed into a key shopping companion for consumers over the past decade. Oriient IndoorGPS aims to enhance that relationship by improving in-store wayfaring. Its technology provides indoor positioning information and navigation to products in stores – all on a shopper’s smartphone and avoiding the need for hardware such as beacons.

In addition to providing a practical in-store navigation service for customers, the tech opens up further consumer communication opportunities to retailers and a chance to better understand traffic patterns. Portuguese hypermarket chain Continente uses Oriient’s indoor GPS capability across its stores to help shopper navigation and provide personalised offers at the shelf edge.


Source: https://download.retail-week-connect.com/landing/discovery-2021?ref=press


You can read the whole report here.



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