Oriient announced as one of TechRound’s Top Retail Tech Startups of 2021

Oriient was recognized by TechRound as a top retail tech startup helping businesses adapt and thrive during the turbulent year.

Published by TechRound, November 2021 :

“In many ways, retail tech has become crucial in fostering retailers’ relationships with their customers, helping businesses to operate in innovative, socially-distanced ways throughout 2020-2021. Celebrating this area of tech, TechRound have created our list of the top retail tech startups for 2021.”


“Extending the digital experience into the physical store isn’t easy…

Providing in-store location helps bridge the offline-online gap, but retailers struggle to activate Indoor GPS, due to the high costs of installation & hardware maintenance, or insufficient location accuracy of the solution.

As a result: shoppers can’t find products they’re looking for – causing frustration, wasted time, and loss of revenues (3-5% for every journey); marketers don’t have a way to target the customer right at the critical moment of the purchase decision, when the product is within hand’s reach; and store operations have no visibility to foot traffic around the store, layout performance, and workforce efficiency.

Oriient, an innovative company from Tel Aviv, has developed a groundbreaking indoor positioning technology using geomagnetism. Their “hassle-free” indoor positioning solution is hyper-accurate (within 3 feet) and works without hardware: no Wi-Fi, no beacons!

By providing stores a convenient wayfinding experience with precise navigation on smartphones, Oriient enables retailers to improve their service and operations.

  • Adding in-store navigation to products leads to recovery of lost revenues due to unfound products, and creates a fun and engaging shopping experience that increases loyalty.
  • Using proximity-promotions at shelf level enables reaching the shopper at the exact place and time of the purchase decision.
  • Having full visibility into the shopper journey helps to better understand traffic flow.

For the first time it’s easy to deploy and scale indoor positioning – without installing anything, just by simply integrating Oriient’s SDK into your mobile app!”

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