Indoor Navigation with Real-Time Position is Now Accessible to All

Indoor navigation is all about directions, but when combined with an indoor positioning system (IPS), the possibilities go way beyond wayfinding.

To begin with, IPS delivers a user-friendly solution paired with an improved user-experience. When using IPS, the “blue dot” already indicates a user’s position, eliminating the need to type in current location, count doors, turns or navigate spaces — you simply follow along in real-time.

Additionally, IPS provides building owners and managers with important insights on visitor flow and use of their spaces, allowing for better decision-making on things like layout, operations and security.

And finally, the combination of indoor navigation and IPS gives you the benefits of location-based marketing, a direct marketing strategy that uses a mobile device’s location to alert the device’s owner about an offer, when a product is within arm’s reach.

Indoor Navigation without and Indoor Positioning System

Without IPS. Source: MapsPeople

Indoor Navigation with real time positioning

With IPS. Source: MapsPeople


Hardware-free indoor positioning

So, why aren’t all indoor navigation solutions combined with IPS?

Depending on the accuracy needed, IPS can be quite costly and time-consuming to set up. Plus, most indoor positioning systems use hardware that requires regular maintenance. In other words, IPS can be a resource-intensive and time-consuming addition to your indoor wayfinding solution. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

With a geomagnetic indoor positioning solution you can experience positioning with 3 ft (1 m) accuracy — on any smartphone, inside any building, anywhere in the world. The solution works just like Indoor GPS, but instead of using GPS signals to triangulate your position, it uses the earth’s magnetic field and the compass in your smartphone to determine your exact location. This means you don’t need WiFi, beacons, or hardware, making it an incredibly scalable option.

The benefits of geomagnetic positioning like Oriient’s Indoor GPS spread over various markets and types of buildings, especially in very large buildings, or complexes consisting of several buildings. The solution also brings value to businesses that are rapidly opening new locations, such as co-working spaces, temporary tenants that prefer not to invest in infrastructure, or service providers operating in buildings that aren’t theirs, like security or cleaning teams. Oriient’s Indoor GPS also suits the retail industry’s need for positive customer experience by delivering unparalleled accuracy, while providing insight to store owners and managers via actionable analytics.

At long last, MapsPeople and Oriient are excited to announce a partnership that will change the way people experience the indoors. By pairing Maps People’s indoor navigation and Oriient’s indoor positioning, convenient Indoor GPS has finally become a reality — for users and managers alike. MapsIndoors is a digital mapping platform built with Google Maps, ensuring a well-known design and functionality. The platform allows MapsIndoors customers to get real-time data when they need it and make real time changes in the included content management system.

Bringing one of the most advanced Indoor Navigation platforms together with a highly scalable and accurate real-time positioning solution, makes the combined solution accessible to all types of buildings and very cost-effective.

Stay tuned for more news on our innovative new cooperation, and what the revolutionary new Indoor GPS can do for you! Click below to learn more about Oriient’s hassle-free indoor positioning or MapsPeople’s indoor navigation solution, MapsIndoors.


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