CBRE: Time is Money – Efficient Facility Management Using IndoorGPS

As published by CBRE on February 13, 2020:


If in the past Indoor GPS deployment was tricky for service providers operating in buildings which aren’t necessarily theirs, or where investing in hardware installation doesn’t make sense, today Indoor GPS is available as a software-only solution.


So now facility management companies can experience these benefits:


  • Providing maintenance and operations staff of large spaces indoor-navigation can assist them in finding their desired locations and shorten the time spent between different tasks.


  • Location-specific fault reporting enables more effective response for maintenance calls. When building-users can tag exact locations of a spill, malfunctioning machine or out-of-stock item, staff are able to resolve issues quickly and precisely.


  • Real-time monitoring provides managers with the ability to keep track of staff locations in the building and ensure compliance to protocols.


  • Data on which spaces in the building people frequent gives managers the ability to dynamically allocate tasks to maintenance and cleaning staff (e.g. avoid wasting time cleaning rooms that people haven’t been inside).


  • Using location-based notifications, managers can reach full teams or individual employees at the right time and place – from security alerts, like “You’re in a restricted area”, to “Fresh paint in this hallway! Avoid touching the walls” – making reaching users and staff a lot simpler.


Smart Building with Indoor Positioning


Case-Study: Fire Inspections

Fire inspections are mandatory for any building’s regulations compliance. But they’re not usually super efficient – requiring an attendant to usher an inspector throughout the building.

Indoor GPS eliminates the need for an attendant – allowing a fire inspector to self-navigate the building via a smartphone. Then, the inspectors can use location-tags to pinpoint code violations and/or hazards.

Additionally, real-time monitoring provides facility managers with full visibility into compliance, length of the inspection and accuracy of the report.


Security Teams Real Time Monitoring using Indoor GPS


Case-Study: Security Teams

In 2020, Security teams have more to deal with than ever before – especially when safeguarding large perimeters.

Indoor GPS arms security teams with heightened situational awareness. Real-time monitoring via a dashboard in a Command & Control center allows dispatchers to keep track of guards’ locations in any given building at any time, and to send the closest person to a developing situation – thus reducing response time.

Specific navigation instructions can be provided to emergency response teams, directly to the scene.

In case of emergency, security teams are able to send out individualized notifications and instructions to users in a particular area, as well as monitor their exit.


Additional benefits include:

Improved experience for tenants and visitors: Providing navigation, whether it be to a room, a person, an event, or the nearest restroom, increases user satisfaction by saving them time, leaving a positive impression and strengthening brand image.


Analytics for building owners and operators: Supplying insights on traffic patterns, usage of assets, and space utilization allows them to capitalize on unused spaces and create the most productive floor plan possible.


Hardware-free Indoor GPS is essential to outsourced service providers who can’t make investments in buildings’ infrastructure. Increasing staff productivity and cutting down on wasted time is now an accessible reality.


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