Google Cloud partners with Oriient to power in-store navigation and customer journey analytics for retail

In the world of retail, indoor location services significantly improve the in-store experience. It enables navigation and route optimization for customers and employees, and the data that’s gathered provides full visibility into the in-person customer journey to help retailers improve the in-store experience and create more digital touch points with the shopper. These benefits to both shopper and retailer are why it’s Oriient’s mission to get hyper-accurate indoor location services in every store. The new partnership with Google Cloud makes it even easier to deliver these features to retail customers.

After choosing Oriient from the Google Cloud marketplace, retailers will have access to features like product-locator, optimized shopping routes, and in-store foot traffic analytics. They’ll also be able to communicate with shoppers in a targeted and contextual way via location-based promotions.

Google Cloud chose Oriient because they are looking to provide cutting-edge tools to help retailers evolve the in-store shopping experience and because Oriient is the most scalable indoor location service. Oriient uses the earth’s magnetic field to accurately map indoor spaces; its SDK then provides the hosting app with the real-time accurate position data that powers multiple location-based services. This software-only approach and easy activation makes it possible to bring Oriient to hundreds, even thousands of stores in a fraction of the time that it would take to install legacy indoor location technologies that rely on hardware. This translates to Google Cloud’s retail customers reaping the benefits of indoor location services much sooner, and at a lower cost, than they would with other solutions.

The partnership combines the best of both organizations. Google Cloud brings their powerful online analytics engine to the physical world of stores with the goal of helping retail customers get a 360 view of the shopper journey. And Oriient provides a groundbreaking hyper-accurate indoor location technology, built to be deployed at a massive scale. The result is a digitized, optimized in-person shopping experience that is both convenient for shoppers and serves as a source of insights and marketing opportunity for retailers.


Time to Oriient your space.