A fireside chat with Gali Dekel, Senior Algorithm & DL Researcher @ Oriient

Meet Oriient team members! This interview, with Gali Dekel, our Senior Algorithm & Deep Learning Researcher, provides insight into onboarding, life in (and out) of the office, and the amazing people behind our groundbreaking technology.

What do you do at Oriient?

I’m a Senior Algorithm & Deep Learning Researcher, meaning I research top deep learning solutions and integrate them with our indoor location services. We’re currently working on improvements to our system that can predict the journey of shoppers and shopping carts.


What work have you done that you’re most proud of?

Several months ago, we implemented a new inertial navigation DL method that boosted our technology’s performance. I got to work with a tight-knit team, and we delivered pretty quickly, too.


What were you doing before you came to Oriient and what made you join?

I worked as a geoscientist in the oil and gas industry for 8 years developing seismic imaging algorithms after getting my PhD in physics. I liked it very much, but I needed a change and was drawn to Oriient’s ground breaking technology.. The managers are truly good people, which is so important to me; a young-at-heart and cool work environment was an added plus.


You joined us during the beginning of COVID – what was it like to join during that time?

Strangely, it was really fun; it was an adventure and challenge I would have never anticipated. The team was warm and embracing, so I quickly felt like part of the team despite working remotely. Of course it’s nice to come into the office and meet the team face to face, but I’m more excited about what I’m able to do working here and less about where I’m doing it.


What motivates you (in work)?

Exactly what we’re doing – figuring out solutions for problems that are still unresolved. It’s the very essence of being a physicist.


What does a day in the life of Gali look like?  

I have a very demanding Basset Hound (who sadly just passed away at age 14), so my day revolves around her. At work, I am running analyses, building models, experimenting setups, and collaborating with the team, which is always fascinating. My boyfriend is a chef, so we eat fancy dinners sometimes. Then, I always end my day with a classic film or TV show.


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