Instacart partners with Oriient to optimize their shopper’s in-store experience – for faster and better delivery

Grocery delivery is a booming business—but building and maintaining a workforce of shoppers to keep up with the growing demand can be a challenge. The in-store shopper is an integral part of the process, and their job isn’t easy. They have to learn their way around many different stores with varying layouts, and are under pressure to find every item on their list as quickly as possible. As part of their commitment to making their shoppers’ jobs more seamless, Instacart shared that they’ve added Oriient’s in-store navigation solution to their mobile app (official announcement / TechCrunch). It’s now available at hundreds of stores, with more coming soon.

Not being able to find items, and losing time looking for them, are some of the most common pain points in grocery delivery, even for shoppers who have been in the game for a long time. Maybe the store layout changed, or the item is obscure. Whatever the reason, every time an item gets marked “not found” it means an unhappy end-customer, a shopper who loses out on some of their commission, and of course, lost revenue for Instacart. Luckily, Oriient’s IndoorGPS, the technology powering Instacart’s searchable store map, is able to guide shoppers to the precise location of every item they’re looking for.


Source: Instacart Blog / Shopper Community

The in-store location services that Oriient is providing helps solve various pain points, as described here. It remembers where products are, by saving the location every time a barcode gets scanned, so the map keeps updating automatically. Then, Instacart shoppers are provided with in-store navigation, which leads to faster shopping trips, and higher fulfillment and rankings.

For the shopper using Instacart’s new feature, each trip to the store is fast, efficient, and therefore more profitable. And, since Oriient is seamlessly integrated into Instacart’s existing mobile app, shoppers don’t need to learn a new tool or be re-trained to start taking advantage of it.

Finally, Orient’s software-only solution means Instacart doesn’t need to install hardware or special equipment to get Oriient up and running. Instead, Instacart can activate a store  with a quick site-survey using only a smartphone. This kind of scalability is crucial in the rapidly expanding grocery delivery sector.

The success of grocery delivery depends on its people and the organization’s investment in them. We are proud to support Instacart in their commitment to provide the best in-store experience for their shoppers and as a result, their retailers and customers.

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